Why opt for a packaging machine to transport your goods ?

Protecting products is fundamental to customer satisfaction and business continuity. Packaging plays a vital role in guaranteeing the integrity of products during transit. With increasing demands for efficiency and safety, packaging machines are becoming essential solutions for optimising the packaging process and reducing the risks associated with transport.

Optimum protection for your goods

The modern packaging machines available from Lacroixnoble are distinguished by their ability to produce tailor-made packaging, perfectly adapted to the morphology and characteristics of each product.

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This precision is due to the integration of pre-set programmes and improved adjustment systems that allow the machines to modulate the packaging parameters according to the specific needs of each item.

Adaptation to different shapes and sizes

Whether the products are bulky, fragile, irregular or complex in shape, the packaging machines adapt to different geometries to ensure optimum hold during transport. Integrated measuring and gripping systems enable products to be gently grasped and oriented into the right position for packing.

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Taking account of product specificities

The fragile, sensitive or dangerous nature of certain products requires special precautions to be taken during packaging. Packaging machines take account of these specificities by selecting suitable packaging materials and modulating the force of pressure or tension applied during the process.

Minimising movements and shocks

As well as perfectly fitting packaging, packaging machines incorporate damping and stabilisation systems to keep movements and shocks during transport to a minimum. This passive protection is particularly important for fragile, vibration-sensitive products.

Damping systems

Packaging machines incorporate damping materials, such as foam, bubble wrap or paper padding, to absorb the shocks and vibrations to which products may be subjected during transport.

Optimum stabilisation

Cushioning and support systems stabilise the products inside the packaging, limiting their movement and reducing the risk of damage. Centring and locking devices keep products in place, even in the event of severe shocks.

Time savings and greater efficiency

Automating the packaging process saves a considerable amount of time compared with manual packaging. Packaging machines can handle a large number of products in a short space of time. This increases production speed and overall productivity.

Cost savings

Optimising the packaging process reduces the costs associated with the consumption of packaging materials. Packaging machines precisely measure the amount of film or cardboard required for each product, minimising waste and unnecessary expenditure.

Improved worker safety

Manual packaging tasks can be demanding and repetitive. They expose workers to risks of physical injury, such as musculoskeletal disorders. The use of packaging machines makes it possible to limit these risks by automating the most arduous tasks, thereby protecting the health of employees.

Positive brand image

The use of packaging machines means that your products are impeccable and well cared for. This will reflect a professional, quality-conscious brand image. Optimal packaging contributes to customer satisfaction and reinforces their confidence in the company.


In conclusion, the adoption of packaging machines in the transport of goods is a wise and strategic choice for a number of reasons. They optimise product protection, increase the efficiency and profitability of the packaging process, improve worker safety and enhance the company's brand image.